Championnat d'Europe d'Athlétisme - 26-30 août 2020 Paris - stade charlety

An event for everyone

The half marathon opened to the public

The half marathon event will take place in the heart of Paris, partly along the Seine, with a start facing the Eiffel Tower. The race will then pass alongside Notre-Dame before an arrival in Charléty. Everyone will be able to participate to this popular race.

A fan zone where to share emotions

Parisians and tourists will gather to experience the event in a public and dedicated place where the competition will be broadcasted and where sports workshops, concerts and other activities will take place.

Athletics will leave the stadium to spread into the streets of Paris. If the location of the fan zone remains to be confirmed, one thing is for certain: everyone will be able to enjoy and live fully the European Athletics Championships. The planned activities will appeal to both sports enthusiasts and fans of major festive events, adults and children alike. The location of the fan zone as well as the complete programme of the festivities will be announced later.
To be continued!