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Paris Athlé 2020 is in charge of the organization of the 2020 European Athletics Championships under the supervision of the European Athletics and in close relationship with the French Athletics Federation.

After Paris was designated as the host city of the 25th European Athletics Championships, the Paris Athle 2020 Organising Committee was set up, under the presidency of André Giraud. The team includes former French athletes: Marie-José Pérec, in charge of relations with participating countries, as well as Eunice Barber responsible for national and local promotion.

The Organising Committee’s ambition is to leave a strong legacy to the entire French athletics family by contributing to the development of its members’ competences.


Svein Arne Hansen (NOR) – President
Dobromir Karamarivov (BUL) – First Vice-Président – European Athletics Delegate

Christian Milz (SUI) – CEO
Niels van der Aar (NED) – Technical Delegate
Luca Verrascina (ITA) – Technical Delegate
Pedro Branco (POR) – Medical Delegate
Richard Driscoll (GBR) – Doping Control Delegate
Bernadette Brun (SUI) – Project Leader


André Giraud – President
Jean Gracia – Vice-President
Jean-Marie Bellicini – General Secretary
Jean Thomas – Treasurer
Souad Rochdi – CEO
Christophe Halleumieux – Deputy CEO – General Coordinator
Eric Jaffrelot – Competition
La Tanya Waweru – Logistics
Daï Dam – Operation
Marc de Monvallier & Julien Janier-Dubry – Marketing/Sales
Nicolas Pécherot & Eunice Barber – Communications/Ticketing
Marie-José Perec – In charge of relationships with
participating countries

Frédéric Depiesse & Pierre Hertert – Medical
Michel Marle & Catherine Gracia – Doping control
Alexis Joly – City of Paris

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