Ticketing information

    The Paris Athle 2020 Organising Committee and the French Athletics Federation took the decision at the end of April to cancel the 25th European Athletics Championships. In the context of an unprecedented health crisis and while the risks linked to the pandemic are still far from being controlled, we have made the health of everyone – athletes, accredited persons and spectators – our priority. A few days later, the French authorities confirmed that all major sporting events will be prohibited until September. The uncertainties that weigh and will continue to weigh on all public events for an indefinite period have convinced us to favour cancellation rather than postponement.

    You must be feeling a disappointment as deep as ours. We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Refund terms and conditions

    Given the very large number of tickets sold, we will process within the months of June-July to the full and automatic refund of your order on the account linked to the credit card used for payment.

    Registrations for the 10km race

    Registrations for the open race will also be fully and automatically refunded on the account linked to the credit card used for payment by the end of June.


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