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    General questions

    What is the Volunteer Programme?

    It is a team whose members – men and women – give their time and help organize the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships, with the desire to enjoy a great human adventure. Volunteers are involved in the success of the event, they are actors of it. The Volunteer Programme encompasses all the steps that mark the path of these people, from recruitment to recognition of their successful role after the event.

    How many volunteers will be deployed?

    About 1,400 volunteers will be mobilized during the competition to be held in Paris from 25 to 30 August 2020. Several missions will start a couple of weeks before this period.

    How can I contact the Volunteer Programme?

    If you don’t find an answer to your question, you can contact us by e-mail at the following address:

    Why being a volunteer?

    Being a volunteer in Paris for the 2020 European Athletics Championships is a unique opportunity: the event has only been organised once in France… in 1938! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a major international event from the inside, close to the action, and to meet people with different backgrounds who wish to share an adventure together.

    And an opportunity, why not, to extend this experience on other events until Paris 2024?


    What kind of missions are assigned to volunteers?

    The scope of missions is very rich cover about 15 departments of the Organization. Spectator welcome service, Services to teams, guests, partners and medias, Transport, Technical services and competition… there is something for everyone!

    Can I choose my own assignment?

    When you register, you can indicate which fields you are interested in. We will try to satisfy your wishes as much as possible, but your assignment will be based in priority on the Organising Committee’s needs, on your skills and experience as well as on your availability.

    Where will the volunteers be required?

    Volunteers will be deployed on every Paris 2020’s official venue: Charléty Stadium, training venues, accreditation centres, volunteers’ centre, hotels and airports in particular.

    Will I receive training as a volunteer?

    Each volunteer will be given a specific training before the event. It will be first a general gathering that will allow exchanges with the organisation team, followed by training sessions specific to their missions and sectors of assignment.


    Who can register as a volunteer?

    Everyone. The Volunteer Programme is a great adventure open to everyone! To register and have the chance to be selected, you must be over 18 years old by 1 May 2020, be motivated and available during the training sessions and then the competition. Technical competition and antidoping are subject to specific recruitment conditions, these assignements are only opened to members of the French Athletics Federation.

    Are there several ways to register?

    Registration is only possible online, via the dedicated platform that is accessible from the official Paris 2020 website.

    What is the deadline to apply?

    Our online platform will be open until February 2020. You will be able to  apply up to this date.

    I’m not French. Can I still become a volunteer?

    The Volunteer Programme is open to everyone! Foreigners from all over the world can become a volunteer. However, they must have an excellent command of spoken, read and written English. For most of the missions,  they will be asked as well a good knowledge of the French language.

    Do I need to speak English to participate in the programme?

    A good knowledge of English is not abolutely required to participate in the programme. However, the event being international, several missions require to be fluent in English or in another language.

    Do I have to be a licensee of the French Athletics Federation to apply?

    The Volunteer Programme is open to all profiles, with a passion for major events. Motivation and availability are what matter.

    Competition officials who will officiate on the field* and volunteers in the antidoping department** are the only exceptions.

    *Competition officials applying must be license holders from the French Athletics Federation and have a technical qualification of level 3 or 4.

    **Only license holders from the French Athletics Federation with a technical qualification as antidoping special can apply.

    Does applying guarantee me a mission in the Volunteer Programme?

    A physical or phone interview is scheduled for each candidate who has registered to be a volunteer. Only then, a mission can be proposed to you.

    During the event

    When does the mission start and end?

    The start of the mission depends on the department of assignment. The first missions will start by early August 2020. The last missions will end after the last delegations departure early September. Candidates can be contacted to help us from spring 2020 onwards.

    When will I receive my accreditation and uniform?

    Volunteers will receive their uniform and accreditation in August 2020. At the end of his mission, they will be able to keep the equipment provided.

    Will volunteers be provided with food and accommodation during the event?

    A catering service will provide meals and drinks for all volunteers during their missions. On the other hand, they must make their own arrangements when it comes to their accommodation, except for very specific missions.

    As a volunteer, will I have the chance to watch the competition?

    The volunteer is an active participant of the event, not a spectator. He/She will be able to watch the competition on the TV screens, while enjoying a break at the Volunteer Centre or on another venue (when possible, depending on the venue).

    What is the Volunteer Centre?

    The Volunteer Centre is a dedicated area for volunteers during the event. It will be a friendly space where they can all meet, talk and have fun when they are off duty.


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